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MobilityWorks Offers a Variety of Turning Seat and Transfer Solutions


Transfer seats are specially designed to help a person with a disability transfer from their wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle’s driver or passenger seat as an alternative to driving or riding while seated in their wheelchair.

An evaluation with a MobilityWorks consultant will help you to determine whether a transfer seat is right for you and which design meets all of your preferences and requirements.

Contact us for details.

Find the Perfect Transfer Solution from the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers

BraunAbility: Turny Evo

The Turny Evo is ideal for anyone with limited mobility or wheelchair users who are looking for easier transfers in and out of a vehicle.
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Adapt Solutions: XL-Board

The XL-Board is designed to fit into the Mazda 5. The XL-Board’s compact features make a great solution.

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Adapt Solutions: XL-SEAT

The XL-SEAT is intended to fit into most minivans on the market and certain pick-up trucks. It’s unique design makes it the first choice when looking for simplicity.
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Adapt Solutions: XL-Base

The XL-Base is designed to fit into the front and second row passenger side positions of most minivans. It is reliable, comfortable, safe and easy to use.
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B & D Independence: Seat Bases

B&D manufactures transfer seat bases for both the driver and passenger positions for virtually all makes of minivans and full size vans, allowing greater flexibility.
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Adapt Solutions: Speedy Lift

SPEEDY-LIFT is designed to fit into most minivans on the market. The SPEEDY-LIFT can be paired with the XL-SEAT motorized transfer board, making it an ideal application for wheelchair drivers.
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Adapt Solutions: Power Pull

With the use of an electronically controlled retractable cable and remote control, the person in the chair can attach their wheelchair to the POWER PULL from outside the vehicle.
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Adapt Solutions: LINK

The LINK skillfully maneuvers to offer optimal leg room and head room while it gracefully exits the vehicle and lowers the original seat to the desired height, for easy level transfers.
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